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The Beauty of Holiness

Whatever your thoughts  on the subject of Biblical holiness - This series of discussions is intended to challenge and  hopefully change your understanding of it.

One of the things we notice a lot with  Bible orientated believers who have experienced an 'awakening' is the difficulty they encounter with the overwhelming dualistic presentations of the Bible, by scholars and preachers a like, that supposedly contradict and therefore oppose the nondualism of consciousness.  

The fact of the matter is - Holiness - which is fundamentally the most central and overarching teaching in Scripture corroborates the consequential indwelling of God in those who are sufficiently emptied of ego and why this experience, which shares the same mystical characteristics as those found in Sufism (Islam), Qabalah (Judaism), Contemplative Monasticism (Eastern Christainity) and Advaita (Devanta Hinduism), makes it unequivocally  nondual   ... Read More.

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